Neuroscience Education for Students and Adults

PCSfN members are committed to sharing their love of all things neuroscience with the greater Philadelphia community.  Below are some resources for conducting neuroscience outreach, along with some information about recent outreach events.  If you are interested in participating in PCSfN neuroscience outreach, or are an educator who would be interested in hosting an outreach event, please contact


Protocols for Outreach Activities:

  • All Ages
    • Comparative Anatomy: Participants explore the similarities and differences between the brains of different species.
    • Learning & Memory: Activities demonstrate the principles of Classical and Instrumental Conditioning.
  • Elementary School Level
    • Swim Cap Brain: Participants learn about the lobes of the brain by drawing on a swim cap.
    • Build a Neuron: This protocol focuses on the basic structure and function of the neuron, including making a model neuron out of  Styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners, and beads.
  • Middle School Level to Adult
    • Mirror Tracing: Participants learn about procedural memory by trying to trace an image that can only be seen in a mirror. You can also download a companion poster on procedural memory here.
    •  Cognitive Testing: Several tests are demonstrated along with a discussion of the various cognitive functions that they are used to access.


Links to Additional Resources:

Recent Outreach Events

  • Bryan McElroy, a PhD student in PCSfN Councilor Lynn Kirby’s lab, organized a Pen Pal Program between Philadelphia-area neuroscientists and New York elementary school students.  Read an example of a student’s and a scientist pen pal’s letter by clicking on the images below.  Special thanks to the following for participating in the program: Rebekah Banerjee, Bryan McElroy, Erik Fleischel, Sophia Holmqvist, Claire Deckers, Elliott Johnson, Madeline Pike, and Chau Do.

Link to student letterLink to scientist letter


  • Watch PCSfN’s Livestream events from Neuroscience Week 2020 with Skype a Scientist:

  • Below are some photos from previous outreach events.