2021 PCSFN Science Sketches – Winners and Honorable Mentions!

We are proud to announce the inaugural PCSFN Science Sketch Competition Winners!

First Prize:

Evie Ordonez Sanchez, Temple University, Debra Bangasser Lab: “What is the HPA Axis?”

Runner Ups:

Katy Andersen, Seattle University, Brittany Heintz Walters Lab: “Age-Related Changes in Manual Dexterity.”

Katelyn Reeb, Drexel University College of Medicine, Andréia Mortensen Lab: “The mechanism of allosteric modulation of glutamate transporters”

Honorable Mentions:

Sarah D’Angelo, Rutgers Camden, Nathan Fried Lab: “Why do so many newly discovered pain medications fail to reach approval for human use?”

Alyssa Kniffin, Temple University, Debra Bangasser Lab: “CRF and the Septohippocampal Pathway.”

Talia Oughourlian, University of California Los Angeles, Benjamin Ellingson Lab: “Metabolic characterization of human glioma subtypes using simultaneous pH- and oxygen- sensitive amine CEST-SAGE_EPI.”

Andre Toussaint, Temple University, Mat Wimmer Lab: “Multigenerational epigenetic inheritance of paternal morphine exposure.”