PCSFN Annual Meeting Awards Announced!

We’re proud to announce the following awards for trainee talks and posters at the 2024 PCSFN Annual Meeting!!!


1st Prize Poster – Harley Haas, University of Pennsylvania, for “Subanesthetic ketamine’s rapid antidepressant potential: In vivo recording of a mouse memory circuit.”

2nd Prize Poster – Elena Bien, Haverford College, for “Effects of neuromodulation and language therapy in treatment approaches for logopenic primary progressive aphasia.”

Graduate Student:

1st Prize Poster – Geena John, Drexel University, for “Rescuing Impaired Calcium Clearance Mechanisms in Astrocytes after Ischemia.” Tied with Eleni Papadopoulos, Rowan University, for “Low Dose Methylphenidate Modulates Risky Decision Making and Prefrontal Catecholamine Regulation in a Sex-Dependent Manner Following Repeated Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.”

2nd Prize Poster – Courtney Wallace, Drexel University, for their poster characterizing HIV-1 persistent reservoirs in the CNS


1st Prize Poster – Ilnes Velazquez-Quesada, Temple University, for “Sensory neurons in contact with breast cancer cells exhibit spontaneous calcium transients which can modify cancer cell behavior.”


1st Prize Poster – Grace Bancroft, University of Pennsylvania, for “Navigating Memory Encoding of Similar Information: An Investigation of LEC-DG Circuitry.”

Research Talk:

1st Prize Talk – Sophie Rogers, University of Pennsylvania, for “Retrosplenial cortex dynamics underlying psilocybin-enhanced fear extinction.”