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Brain Week Activity Descriptions

Procedural Learning (Mirror Tracing): Participants try to trace a shape using a mirror’s reflection. Number of errors and time to finish are recorded over a few trials.

Comparative AnatomyParticipants explore the similarities and differences between brains of different species. They then try to match puzzle pieces with brain drawings to the corresponding species.

Visual System/Optical Illusions: Models and pictures of the eye and various optical illusions.

Hearing/Auditory Illusions: Models of the ear and various auditory illusions.

Memory Puzzles: Memory games and memory puzzles.

Electricity and the Brain: Brain controlled helicopter, EMG, Spiker box.

Build a Neuron: This table focuses on the basic structure and function of the neuron. Syrofoam cell bodies, pipe cleaner axons and Schwann cell beads will be available for kids to construct their own neuron.

Helmet Safety (Egg Drop): Eggs are used to simulate heads and they are dropped with and without a “helmet” (styrofoam).

Touch (Psychic Hands): Various objects in a rice filled container- without looking, a particiopatant touches and object in container and asked to distinguish it. Partiicipant is then shown a pcture of the object and they must find it by feel only in the container. Sterognosis is explained.

Reflexes & Reaction Time (Plexiglas screen w/ cotton balls): Child stands behind plexiglas and another throws a moistened cottonball – demonstrate blink reflex and decrease with learning

Taste and Smell: Children taste jelly beans with their nose plugged and decide whether they have a cherry or cinnamon jelly bean. We also have some scratch test odor cards for them to try.

Swim Cap and Drawing: Draw the lobes of the brain onto a swim cap

Brain Bar: A human brain collection including diseased and damaged brains.

Epigenetics (Ant behavior): How epigenetic modifications alter ant behavior.

Classical Conditioning: Lemonade powder is used to elicit the classic salivation conditioned response.

Lesson Plans

Neuroanatomy and Neurochemistry Lesson Plan for Brain Cap

-Locate and identify the functions of the cerebellum, the brain stem, and the lobes of the cerebrum by use of swim caps.